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Mac Woodruff is a young professional drummer who has been drumming for more than two decades and played in multiple bands. He has a unique ear for creative beats, and his passion for drumming and thoughtfulness shines through in his lessons.

Guitar, Viola, Piano, Bass

Alec Woodruff is a gifted musician who teaches violin, viola, guitar, bass, and beginner piano and plays in multiple working bands. He is a lot of fun and very passionate about teaching. Alec says if he won the lottery, he would still want to teach music!


Mac Woodruff tutors writing for college students struggling with their papers. He has done this for years and is a very talented writer. Students struggling with college essays and applications appreciate Mac’s magic touch.

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EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING from Stacia Woodruff: 

“One thing I have observed during my eight years of working as a special education teacher in regular education classes is that almost all of my students with ADHD, or the ones on the spectrum,felt lost at schooland suffered challenges with:

  • time-management
  • prioritizing tasks
  • task initiating
  • remembering to turn in work
  • emotional control
  • planning & organization

All of these fall under “executive functioning,” and teens can greatly improve their chances for success when they learn these important life skills. Along with helping students develop these skills, I incorporate social emotional learning in my teaching, which I believe is equally important to academic learning.”

ENGLISH TUTORING from Stacia Woodruff: “I was also a collaborative high-school English teacher for English 3 and enjoy tutoring English very much.”

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